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AuroraGPT 4 SDR-1 Script

Need AuroraGPT Script?

You might interest with AuroraGPT 4 SDR-1, the script based illusives 4.0.8 script with lot of featured addon, bug Fixed and heavily modified to suit Admin need and against hackers to your GPT Site.

What Script Provided ?

Clicking Links (PTC)
- Click links and view websites to earn cash and points.

Read Ads (PTR)
- Read advertisements and view websites for cash and points.

Paid To Signup (PTSU)
- Get paid to signup at websites!

Click Exchange (Site-X-Changes)
- The click exchange allows you to click for unique traffic rather than cash. When you click, you will receive a 5/4 ratio, meaning you will get 4 unique hits for every 5 links you click. You can change ratio.

Read Emails (Paid to Read Mails)
- Read emails and view websites for cash and points. View your profile to opt-in for receiving paid emails.

Paid to Promote
- Get Paid to Everything Script! Promote the site and get paid $0.0002 for each unique visitor that views your referral URL per 24 hours. Premium Members Earn More! You can change these value too.

What Addon included ?

Purge banners
Purge Ads
Purge Paid Emails
Purge Paid to Read Ads
Purge Unprocessed Orders
Clear Failed Cheat Checks
Point Store Included and set up
Admin Review of Members by country
New Anit-bot Timer
Better anti cheat system
Country Fix
Country ban
Hall of shame
Enhanced and modified Admin menu (its now user friendly and organized)
Pin for withdrawals and updating email address for your members
Link credit join bonus
Banner credit join bonus
Recaptcha Login
Suspend inactive referrals
Displaying Variable amount of Featured Ads
Auto-delete of zero credit links and banners

With powerful Admin Panel

Stats >site stats
Stats >game stats Orders
Orders >Order Ledger
Orders >Pending Orders
Orders >Approved Accounts
Orders >Denied Accounts

Logging > Tracker
Logging > Top Referral Domains
Logging > Foot Prints
Logging > Site Logs
Logging > Reported Sites Database
Database > Backup Database
Database > Clean Daily Stats
Database > Database Cleaner

Blocking > Domain Blocker
Blocking > Email Blocker
Blocking > Ad Blocker

Communications > Manage FAQs
Communications > News
Communications > Mailer Payouts
Payouts > Payouts Manager
Payouts > Payout Options

Account Requests
Account Requests > Member Requests
Account Requests > Pending Requests
Account Requests > Account Filter
Account Requests > Account Filter-Voider
Account Requests > Cancel All Requests

Website Settings
Transaction Settings > Payment Settings
Transaction Settings > Product Settings Site Settings
Site Settings > Top Clicker Settings
Site Settings > Contest Settings
Site Settings > Poll Settings
Site Settings > Member Settings
Site Settings > Withdraw Settings
Site Settings > Converter Settings
Site Settings > Site Settings
Site Settings > Email Settings

Module Settings
Module Settings > PTC Settings
Module Settings > PTR Settings
Module Settings > PTRA Settings
Module Settings > Click Exchange Settings
Module Settings > Game Settings PTP Settings
PTP Settings > PTP Settings
PTP Settings > Allow Domains

Quick Search Referral Builder
Referral Builder > Programs
Referral Builder > Categories

Accounts > Members
Accounts > Deleted Members
Accounts > Memberships
Accounts > Moderator Manager
Accounts > Assign Referrals
Accounts > Member Ip Filter
Accounts > Ban Ip Accounts
Accounts > Password Filter
Accounts > Upline Cleaner
Accounts > Restructure Downlines
Accounts > Delete Inactive Accounts Ads

Ads > Banners
Ads > Featured Banners
Ads > Featured Ads
Ads > Featured Links
Ads > Links
Ads > Popups
Ads > Emails
Ads > PTR Ads
Ads > Exchange Sites
Ads > Game Sites

Click Exchange
Click Exchange > Click Exchange Settings
Click Exchange > Activate X-Sites
Click Exchange > Exchange Sites
Click Exchange > Manage X-Stages Others

Others > Specials
Others > Assign Special
Others > Code Rotator
Others > Templates
Others > Point Store Items

Tools > e-Gold Masspay
Tools > Arin Ip Lookup
Tools > Discount Advertising

All those just for $15 with legit licensed. With all those featured then there is no other price comparing elsewhere.

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