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Viewz-FIB Aurora GPT Template

PlatForm: Aurora GPT
Build with 4.0.3 - Compatible with MRV3 or Above
Optimized with FireFox 3.5.1
File Size: 240 KB
Price: $18 / Site

Template Live Demo | Order Now
( username / Password = viewzdemo )

Template Featured
- Alternative main Page
- Quick Login on the Main Page
- Write Your Powerful Slogan on the Header
- Site stat new placement
- Top Clicker are now in marQuee
- Banner on the Header
- New style of Member menu
- and more...

If you interested on this template,
then you can buy it from me via PayPal ID:

After you send the money, please confirm me Your Payment and
Your Site Name. Site Name needed to create you Template Site Header

I will send template Attachment after I received the Payment.

For more information feel free to contact me at:

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